The Golf Shop Attendant Job Description

One of the excellent jobs to secure in the golf business is to work as a Golf Shop attendant, where you get to meet top players and assist them with their shopping experience. Many times, golf business owners like to give out preliminary information on the detailed description of the would-be golf shop attendant’s expected qualities. And when this happens, it makes the whole recruitment exercise worthwhile. 

On the other hand, publishing the qualities and responsibilities also allows the applicants to prepare for the job interview. Therefore, we feel this article will help those looking to get a job as a golf shop attendant or a retail assistant. The report will cover the expected duties, responsibilities, expected education, experiences, physical requirements (if any), and even compensation where appropriate. Kindly follow through.

Overall Job description of a Golf Shop Attendant

Many golf business owners and employers believe that a golf shop assistant’s primary role is to provide a first contact customer satisfaction experience for all shoppers. Some of the expected particular duties may include selling the merchandise, book tee times, check-in in the golfers, and tidy up the whole shopping surrounding. However, the superiors may assign other obligations to them, according to the available tasks on the ground that may vary from day-to-day. A superior officer to the golf shop attendant may be the General Manager or the Pro Shop Manager. click here to learn about the items for a golf shop.

General Job Requirements

Some of the expected abilities that the employer would have the applicants have included the following.

  1. A golf shop assistant should have excellent communication and outstanding interpersonal skills, learn how to develop more effective communication skills at
  2. The golf industry’s basic understanding includes identifying the tools, trends in apparel, equipment, and golf balls.
  3. It is also vital for applicants to be familiar with essential computer functions. For instance, the expected operations may include the internet browsers, Microsoft Office products, use of search engines to find webpages that contain vital information and a good typing ability
  4. Efficiency at discharging the suitable duties and pay attention to all given details to complete a task
  5. Have a friendly attitude and a happy smile at all times with good courtesy 
  6. Exhibit self-motivation that can complete rather complex tasks beyond expectations 
  7. He/she must have the ability to quickly recall customers’ names and basic details to greet them by their name when next their show up
  8. He or she must possess the ability and the willingness to present dress and appear professional at all times with a comported personality
  9. The ability to perform critical tasks for jobs with little or no mistakes even while under pressure
  10. Apart from the regular time on the job, the applicant should also remain flexibly available on weekends and off-job hours both morning and evening
  11. A minimum of 6 months of on-job experience working as a sales clerk or cashier in a similar industry
  12. The ability to work while having little or no supervision and some level of leadership skills 
  13. A proper handling of money and basic knowledge of finance and account keeping
  14. The final requirement is at least a high school certificate or a GED that shows math and English skills, including writing and clear communication

Physical Requirements for the Attendant Job

Apart from the basic requirements, the pro shop attendant may also have some physical features or ability.

  • Ability to lift a weight of at least 15 pounds
  • Pulling or pushing the door as necessary
  • Sitting or standing erect at the desk while accepting payments from customers directly or through the shop window
  • Hearing and speaking clearly with the customers and other members of staff
  • Stooping or crouching to retrieve stock is also essential for the lower level assistants 

Gift Shop Attendant Jobs Duties and Responsibilities

While working as a job attendant for a golf shop, there are specific duties and responsivities you should be prepared to handle. Some of them are listed below to guide your preparation.

  1. Prepare to do the task of answering phone calls, recording incoming calls and setting up reservations
  2. It is your job to assign tee time to players while ensuring that golfers sign in a daily register
  3. Collect payments for all charges, including green fees, rentals, programs and especially pro shop sales. Afterwards, issue receipts as pieces of evidence of settlements and remit all received payments to the appropriate quarters
  4. Setting the golf shop in order at all times is part of your job, including cleaning the environment or assigning the cleaners to their jobs
  5. Learn the art of courteousness to customers and always have it handy at all times
  6. Adhere to rules, regulations and guidelines of the Park District Safety programs
  7. Work with other staff members with a productive synergy across all departments 
  8. Assist and follow up member and guests or shoppers on finding their special orders for maximum satisfaction
  9. Enhance the merchandizing of the available stock in the shop by arousing the interest of shoppers and ensuring they leave happy and satisfied
  10. Use the Point-of-Sale (POS) for transactions where necessary while helping to process all transactions involving the golf shop, whether directly or through a third-party system

Compensation or Remuneration

Some of the job offers may also come with a detailed description of the remuneration that applicants can expect. Again, taking this step removes the otherwise long debate about paying the successful applicant when employed. click here to check out some of the cheapest Golf items.

Below is an example to follow in the description of job compensation or remuneration.

  1. Hourly pay of $9, depending on the company’s ability to pay
  2. Practice and playing experience for the attendant as well as members of his or her immediate family
  3. One or two meals per day while on duty
  4. Branded Staff uniform for the company
  5. A minimum of 25% discount on every item bought directly from the store
  6. A special discount on any shop-hosted event or tournament
  7. A limited amount of reciprocal golf privileges concerning golf courses of the shop management authority

In conclusion, the sections above and the respective content can help prospective job applicants for these jobs to prepare. This article can help their preparation. It can also assist them in having a successful interview and productive job time. On the other hand, if you are an employer in the golf business, you can find some of the required details in posting a job application offer to potential applicants. I hope they can help you too.

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